Sustainability Assessment

Take our assessment to see where your organization stands in its sustainability efforts.Where does your organization stand in its sustainability efforts? Is your organization maximizing your people and processes to protect and enhance the environment while being profitable? Complete this short assessment to ascertain where your organization is as it relates to the concepts of sustainability. * Required fields.

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1. There is little to no discussion about sustainability in our organization.

2. While our organization has taken some actions to generate environmental awareness, no real objectives around sustainability have been communicated.

3. Our sustainability initiatives flow interdepartmentally and cross functionally.

4. Sustainability is a key component of our organizationís strategy.

5. Employees are rewarded/recognized for their sustainability efforts.

6. As an organization we actively seek sustainable solutions in our products, services, natural resource utilization, and recycling efforts.

7. Our organization regularly assesses our sustainability plan and our progress on that plan.

8. We are constantly searching for ways to reduce the time it takes to get things done.

9. All departments work together to get the job done and to keep the work flowing.

10. Everyone is kept informed with data to show how well the organization is performing financially.

11. We have a good system for tracking customer satisfaction.

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