Sustainability and Your Company

How would implementing a strategy of sustainability benefit your organization?Through a network of sustainability consultants, The Institute specializes in helping small to mid-sized organizations define and implement a strategy of sustainability customized for their business.

Sustainability is not a one size fits all approach. Our clients tell us that by specifically defining what sustainability means to their business, their ability to implement their strategy quickly generates measurable results.

In a recent study, 60% of the executives interviewed represented small to mid-sized organizations, and 72% of the executives surveyed indicated reducing costs through efficiencies was the number one business benefit of implementing a strategy of sustainability.

Over 90% of the businesses in the United States represent small to mid-sized organizations and many are searching for guidance on how to create their own corporate social responsibility program (CSR) while at the same time building a successful business. Sustainability is the next quality movement and it is here to stay. W. Edwards Deming was famous for saying, “Quality is for everyone.” Sustainability, for even more profound reasons, is also everyone’s responsibility.

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How much waste does your business create?
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